Thursday, December 31, 2009


I always like adding up my mileage at the end of the year. It brings a greater sense of accomplishment to realize that I covered 3,353 miles in the year of 2009. At least I would have made it across the country in a year!

Even though all the races that I ran in '09 didn't go quite as well as I had hoped (they never do), all in all it was a great year of running. I ran six ultras; 2 50K's, 1 50M, 2 100M's, and a 3 Day Stage Race. The two hundreds were less than stellar performances, but I certainly learned a lot and will be much tougher the next go around. The highlight of my year is two-fold. First, running and winning the 3 Days of Syllamo in Arkansas. Great race, great time, and got to meet and hang with some great folks. The second highlight would have to be consistency. I love the consistency of running every day and this past year was the definition of the word. There is just something special about getting out there on the trails and the roads and covering some distance each day. I run 99% of my runs alone and this is my time each day to be alone with my thoughts and to get everything "figured out". So what did I figure out in 3,353 miles this year? Not much, but whatever was bothering me at the beginning of each run certainly wasn't nearly the issue at the end.

So here's what I've got planned for 2010:

Jan: Frozen Sasquatch 50K
March: Catawba and 4 days on the AT from Springer to Fontana Dam
April: Promise Land
May: Run the Big Ditch
June: Old Dominion 100
August: Direct 3rd Annual CMMM 50M
Sept: Superior Sawtooth 100
Oct: Co-direct a new race- WV Trilogy (stay tuned)
Nov: Mountain Masochist 50M

Lots of fun stuff planned for '10. Some will stay on the list, some won't, and probably some will be added. I've learned to be flexible with life and running. I'll probably focus on running the two 100's as goal races and the rest as hard trainers or for "fun". It's good to have race plans and goals. It's what gets me out the door each day to brave the elements during the winter months.

Happy New Year to all reading and here's to a great 2010!


  1. Sweet plans, Adam! I think your speed will translate VERY well at Bull Run and Old Dominion. A top 3 at BR and a win at OD are well within your reach for sure.

    If you'd like to come out for a tour of the BR course, just let me know. I typically train there 2 to 3 times a month and know it very well. A little course knowlege could make a big difference in terms of you being able to hang with Leigh to contend for the win.

    As for OD100, be sure you have a great crew to supply you with everything you need (including a cooler of ICE) since the race folks can be less-than-prepared in some ways. Especially for someone coming through the aid stations as fast as you'll be hitting them. You could rock a 17HR run there w/ the right support.

    Also, I'll be missing out on the CMMM fun with my VT Long Trail run that weekend, but keep me posted on this October 3-day...I'd love to make it out for that!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Adam, A Happy New Year to you also. We will get to celebrate the New Year together on our little jaunt at Sasquatch this Saturday. January 11th will soon be here and you know I will be registering for Cheat Mountain once again. Looking forward to this October Trilogy. From the sounds of your post, you have been extremeley consistent. I know that it is going to pay off in 2010. Rick

  3. Dan,
    I may take you up on the Bull Run tour if I decide to do the race. Thanks for the advice on OD and I'll have more really soon on the 3 day race after the New Year. Missing CMMM for the Long Trail is an acceptable excuse.

    I'm looking forward to the Sasquatch and '10. See you Saturday.