Friday, May 7, 2010

MMT 100

This coming weekend will be the first time in the past three years that I won't be running the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run. This is a very special race to me. It was my first 100- running just 2 weeks after becoming a newlywed. Asking your wife to crew you for a 100 miler (your first nonetheless) is probably not the most ideal way to start a marriage. Seems to have worked out fine though . . . Everything else is roses after that!

This year the competition looks good- I'd love to be in the mix! I'll have fun following along at home, but here are some to watch:

Sean Andrish 20:49 PR- super fast and always tough
Keith Knipling 21:07 PR- I think he's going for MMT #11: Maybe his year?
Karsten Brown-1st MMT, but just set a CR last weekend at Capon Valley (tapering?)
Joe Kulak 20:38 PR ('06)- dude's tough, nuff said.
Mike Mason 20:43 PR- ran awesome here last year. Expect a repeat performance
Don Padfield 22:16 PR- solid and consistent
Harland Peelle 22:27 PR- coming back after a tour in Iraq last year; He's hungry for the rocks!
Mario Raymond 22:39 PR- always in the mix to pick up the scraps.
Aaron Schwartzbard 26:14 PR('06)- capable of much faster; definitely the most leg speed in the field.
Chris Reed 22:42- Very consistent, fast, and running well.
Mark Tanaka- 1st MMT but very experienced
Todd Walker 19:13 ('06) 19:24 ('05) PR's- knows how to win it and won't blow-up.
I'll be down at the Dirty Dog 15K volunteering on Saturday. I'd love to be at MMT just watching the carnage. This is going to be a good race up front with many of the guys being fairly evenly matched. Hide the women and children!
Any guesses on top 3?


  1. I also will be watching from afar and will be volunteering at a new trail half marathon being directed by Nick Whited in Damascus, VA. I wish everyone good luck. I hope everyone enjoys the new course.

  2. Andrish, Kulak, Knipling. Best to all.

  3. I guess I shouldn't be so spineless and make some picks. . .
    I'll go with Reed, Walker, Knipling. With no Meltzer this year, I'm thinking 20 hrs and change will win it.

  4. I was right about the time it would take to win, but not the picks.
    1) Dan Barger 20:25
    2) Chris Reed 20:56
    3) Aaron Schwartzbard 20:57
    Looks like it was an exciting finish for second. Solid as always, Walker slipped into 4th; so I wasn't too far off on the call. Good stuff!