Thursday, June 24, 2010

RT Weekly Recap

Thought I'd start sharing the link here to the weekly trail recap I'm writing over at (just click the picture to follow the link).


  1. Nice write up. The Mohican 100 Mile race was also last weekend, but results still aren't available yet. I do know that Zach Irelan? won the 100, Dan Rose was 2nd, Richard Lilly was 6th and I was 9th. Was a pretty hard and slow day for most it seemed.

  2. Thanks Brad. Good job at Mohican. The results weren't up before my deadline (obviously since you said they're still not up) so I couldn't really cover the race. I heard they had some serious course marking issues last year - were they o.k. this year?
    Good luck w/ the Leadville training!

  3. Course was very well marked and easy to follow this year, even at night. It was just a harder course than I thought it was going to be. Not very much flat at all. Either up or down with some serious hills. We'll be up in WV over the 4th weekend in/near Fayetteville. I think they've even got a 5 mile trail race we're going to do.