Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Laying Low

I've been laying pretty low since the Shenandoah B-day run.  Not by design though.  Last Tuesday I sprained my ankle pretty badly on a 20M loop run - 10 miles in.  I had a pretty painful 10 mile hike back to my truck that took me over 3 hours.  Certainly not a good time and ill timing since I had just signed up for the Superior Sawtooth 100 the day before and even booked my flight.  I thought it was going to be a real issue.  Luckily, I only missed three days of running, but got on the bike for two of them instead.  Back to running solid now.

I've been super busy with all the organization, planning, and trail work for Cheat Mtn coming up next week.  Just got in from doing trail work with Dan and Joel.  The trails are in the best shape that they have ever been for the event! . . . I'm kind of jealous of all the runners.  I can't wait for next Friday- it's going to be a great race!

Check out this great video that Joel did for Running Times: Click HERE - good stuff!


  1. Laying low, but staying super busy is what I really guess your life is like right now. Glad to hear the ankle is doing much better and you are back to your normal unable to stay still mode that you and Kadra live your lives around. Speaking of Cheat Mountain, I really can't wait. Looking so forward to a great race with some of my best friends. I wonder who is going to win the best aid station this year? I guess time will tell! I personally appreciate all of your hard work on RDing and Dan and Joel on trail maintenance and who knows what else. I can't forget Kadra, as I know she is out there doing a bit of everything. Looking so forward to next Friday night as we run through the night and for me into the dawn of a new day. I can't forget Joel and the video. Great. I am going to have to remember some of the pointers during the night as I run on those very narrow single track trails.

  2. You'll have to watch out Rick. Since the trails are cut back so much more, I went ahead and exposed a few more roots and sharpened-up some of the rocks just to make things more "fair". Can't wait for all you crazy runners to file into the camp next Friday. Certainly one of my highlights of the year. See you then!
    - Adam

  3. Glad the ankle isn't too serious. A nice "down" week in the middle of training always does wonders for the body too (if not the brain). Best of luck w/ Cheat next week!!

  4. Looking forward to helping with Cheat. Glad to hear that the ankle is mending up for you. Love the video, Joel (especially the pup!).