Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Fun

Bickles Knob Fire Tower
Photo: Joel Wolpert
 Had a good run yesterday with my buddy Joel.  2k of climbing through waist-deep drifts in below zero wind chill.  The serene view from the top was definitely worth it all. . . but I still can't feel my thumbs.


  1. coolness~ ( literally!) tell joel, I said "hey"! glad his crazy self is out running and being all extreme! did he do some impromptu ice climbing as well?! :o) yall rawk for having an arctic adventure!

    I did a winter training run on the AT yesterday as well! and it was about 15F... snow and ice on the trail. I think this week has been excellent frozen sasquatch training!

  2. Jenny - I'll tell Joel you said hello. I'll see him tomorrow at our annual Jingle Bell Run.
    At this rate, the Frozen Sasquatch will definitely be frozen again!

  3. That photo is definetely a keeper. A bit early for snow drifts to your waist even in West Virginia. Things are pretty icy in East TN this morning. Everyone be safe out there and if this stuff sticks around, Sasquatch is going to be worse than last year!

  4. Pyscho! Of course, I'm mostly saying that because I envy the adventure, which kind of scares me. :)

  5. AHHH, it's not anything to be afraid of Lori. You've got 10 fingers and toes - what's one/two more or less?

  6. Fantastic photo! Great to chat with you at Hellgate.

    Will be keeping at eye on your AT plans - be awesome if we swing it to get out there for a weekend on the trail at some point during your adventure.

  7. Helen- it was great chatting with you as well. Hope Chris' adventure is going well this weekend.

    I'd love to have your company on the AT. You are welcome wherever, whenever, and as long as you care to go.