Saturday, January 22, 2011


I woke early this morning from a fitful night's sleep.  5:00 am.  Got dressed to run, but made the mistake of looking at the thermometer - it read 0 deg F and the computer said wind chills south of -11.  I had a 25-30 mile run planned, but my winter-wearied heart could not bear to strap on a headlamp and enter into the cave of despair this morning. (I think I'm getting soft)

I acquired a treadmill last year courtesy of my friend John.  I decided to concede to the cold and see if I could sustain the mind-numbing task of a marathon on the dreadmill - something I never thought I'd succumb to, but I welcomed the test this morning with a somewhat maniacal craze.  Regardless, I prepared a few bottles of potion (with no worry of them freezing) and tossed a couple of gels onto the consol.

Four boring TV shows on Kadra's laptop, one movie, and 3:35 later the green lights on the screen read 26.2.  I should have just kept going and made it a 50K. . .


  1. That's impressive. I think my longest treadmill run is 14 miles.
    I ran outside today, but I waited until it warmed up to 14 degrees.

  2. Makes me feel less guilty about my treadmill run today. I am impressed with the mental toughness that must have taken.

  3. bless your heart.. adam, I think running a marathon on a dreadmill was def a challenge!! you are still TOUGH. I have never ran more than 10 mi on a treadmill! I think I lack the mental capacity! I
    I didn't long run today either! I only went out for an hour!! and it was a WARM, TROPICAL 15F! I was very happy to get back to the house:o)

  4. It helps when you're a little "off" anyway - there's less brain to turn off! I think I ruined myself for using the treadmill for the rest of the winter.

  5. You've lost your mind, nevertheless impressive.