Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wrap-Up and Photos

What running the AT will make you look like (Lehmann found these glasses along the road)

Katahdin in the background
Jill and Dan nearing the summit

One last good drink from Thoreau Spring

The Summit
2,181 miles for THIS view

Another pose with my wonderful wife

The summiting crew
The way down -- The Knife Edge

One of many beautiful views

A candid with my mentor -- I would have most likely never run an ultra or done this without him

Kadra and Jill climbing the Knife Edge
An emotional moment: the REAL end

Ultra-legend Courtney Campbell happened to be vacationing in Baxter

The Maine Crew


  1. congratulations! it's been AMAZING following you and kadra on your journey. ( so thankful for technology) so you guys could document your trip along the way and keep everyone updated! REST and ENJOY your amazing accomplishment! SO extremely proud of you!

  2. Thanks for taking us along your trek... I enjoyed every bit of it..glad you are home and safe! Hope to see you at Trilogy this year, your race (last yrs Trilogy) kicked off my ultra "career" at the late age of 40 and I am anxious to come back to Spruce Knob and run it again!

  3. So happy for you both! A dream realized, a shared adventure, so many memories for a lifetime! Congratulations...and thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  4. Congratulations to both of you for reaching your goal and bringing to close another chapter in your life. The next chapter will be even more special. Can't wait to see what God has in store for you two.

  5. HECK yeah! So incredibly proud of the both of you. What a summer! (Adam, I have laughed all summer about how you totally dropped me without even trying on that 1.5-mile, 6-hours-in climb up Black Rock on your Day 28!)