Monday, August 15, 2011

Inter-Mountain Article

There was a nice article in our hometown newspaper this weekend about our AT-adventure.  Some of the quotes were a bit mysterious, especially the one about missing junk food (actually quite the contrary), but all-in-all a very good article.  You can check it out HERE.

It has been amazing to me just how many folks back home followed along with our journey and were actually very interested in and inspired by the endeavor.  The best story I've heard though was over the weekend.  A lady that teaches with Kadra came up to me in the park and introduced her daughter to me and told me that her 5th-grader was inspired to start running because of hearing about me running the AT.  She has done numerous 5K's in the past months (a PR of 26-minutes) and LOVES running . . . that my friends warmed my heart like you would not believe.


  1. Very nice and well rounded article. I know it does your heart proud to know that your journey affected others in a positive way. That young lady might one day be looking forward to her first 50 miler at Cheat Mountain. Hopefully I will still be alive to welcome her to our wonderful sport. Until then, maybe you can give us an annual update of how this young lady is coming along as it sounds like there is so much natural talent within her little body.

  2. Yes Rick, it's one thing to inspire a "runner", but to inpspire someone to become an "ultrarunner" is whole different experience. Certainly near and dear to me. My favorite experience in race directing is undoubtedly seeing someone complete their first ultra. Welcoming a runner at the finish line of their first ultra is an awesome experience -- there is a contageous light in their eyes that could light up the World -- even if only for a moment.

  3. Nice. But I had to laugh at ""I learned you can do a lot more than you think you can do." It sounds like you stole those words right out of Horton's mouth. :)