Friday, January 27, 2012

Highlands Trail Foundation

I am excited to announce the formation of a "new" trail maintenance/advocacy group in the WV Highlands.  The Highlands Trail Foundation (a non-profit organization) has been around for quite a while with its main focus being the completion of the Allegheny Highlands Trail -- a rails-to-trails path following the original route of the West Virginia Central and Pittsburgh Railway traveling from Elkins to Thomas.  Now that the route is nearly complete, save the final mile in to the Elkins Train Depot, the group is initiating a new committee to focus on other trail maintenance and advocacy in the surrounding areas of the AHT.

If you're a Facebook user, be sure to check out the newly created page HERE.  As spring approaches, we plan to hit the ground running with a concerted effort of improving and maintaining local trails.  One of our goals as a committee is to establish a network of trails in or very near the city of Elkins.  If joining or helping with such activities interests you and you're from the area, please feel free to join us! 

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