Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MMT 100

It's time for my third crack at the MMT 100 in Virginia this weekend.  I ran 21:37 in '08 and 22:39 in '09 so after a three year hiatus, I'm interested to see what I'm capable of.  Just like every runner, I'm hoping for a huge PR.  Anything less than 21:37 will admittedly be a bit of a disappointment.  Regardless of the outcome, I'm looking forward to the single-minded focus of simply running for a day on Saturday and Sunday -- a joy that I certainly do not take for granted.

Time to get my head screwed-on right . . . the most important aspect of running 100-miles (in my opinion, of course).

Enjoy some pictures from my first 100-mile experience in 2008.

The invaluable crew at Edinburgh Gap

 Mongold on pacing duty

 More crew -- the embarrassingly selfish part of trying to run 100-miles fast

Mongold will have pacing duties over the last 16-miles again this year (My friend Clay is also kind enough to spur me along for some miles)

 Gap Creek blister service

My AWESOME wife; who will be crewing this year 6-mths pregnant (she's tough)

 Paul giving info: "speed up!"

 great shot by Aaron Schwartzbard

A Happy Finish: What will the clock read in '12? . . . I hope at least an hour faster
Race Report from MMT '08


  1. Go get 'em, brother!

  2. Go get it, Adam! You'll find the new course layout (and 4am start) will give you a great opportunity to chop an hour or more off your time. Hope to run a few miles with you along the way to your PR!

    1. It will be good to see you Dan. Make sure Nick waits for me so that we can chat a bit!

  3. Kill it! I'll be thinking of you all all weekend, dancing on those rocks. Have fun!!

  4. Adam, have a GREAT weekend! Wish I could be there with you in person, but I can guarantee that I will be glued to the computer on-and-off come Saturday morning monitoring the race. Best wishes for a fun and fast race.

  5. Thanks Amy and Chris. I wish that both of you were going to be there.

  6. Good luck this weekend Adam! See you at Veach Gap, I'll be volunteering.

  7. Thanks Kirstin. Hopefully I'll still be looking pretty decent at that point.
    Thanks for volunteering!

  8. Sending healthy, speedy, thoughts your way! You've got the best crew out there with Kadra by your side.