Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Year Ago

It's hard to believe that it's been exactly a year since all these memories were made . . .


To commemorate the day, I put on all my AT-pack and headed out to Dolly Sods for a day of slogging around the mountains.  Life is still good and there are still adventures to be had.  Here a few pics from the Sods:

Typical gnarly trail

 Rhododendron in bloom (WV state flower)

I think these are Crimson Bee Balm

Is this Maine?

 Moose scat or spruce cones?

 Beautiful meadow

 Some nicer single track in Dolly Sods North

Blueberries! (I ate more than my fair share) 

View from "Willie's Aid Station" (AS 7 at Highlands)

Big Stonecoal Tr.

"We should come home from adventures, and peril, and discoveries every day with new experience and character."
- Thoreau


  1. Beautiful, Adam. I feel the same sense of melancholy every spring when the trillium come up and the robins come back.

    1. Thanks Phil. The AT is certainly a special place.

  2. Good stuff! BTW, congrats on the full house at CMMM - wish I could be there too.

    1. I wish you could be here too. Maybe down the road?

  3. Dang man, you got a nice backyard, don't you?

    1. Yes, there are some amazing places and trails here in the Mon.NF. I just hate that have to drive to them. I'm jealous of the countless miles of trail you have from your front door. The grass is always greener . . .

  4. Lovely take at the change in a year. Beautiful in more than one way.

    FYI- we are settled in Ogden. It blows my mind that trailheads are less than 3 miles east...and we often eat breakfast sitting on the front steps looking at the Wasatch peaks.

    Feel free to stop in/over for a time once the new one arrives. While our place isn't big, it works and there's enough space for low maintenance visitors. :-)

    Enjoy the next year!

    1. I'm glad you're all settled in. Certainly some beautiful mountains out there that I'd love to come play in!