Sunday, January 24, 2010


Congratulations to my friend, fellow ultrarunner, and world class bow hunter Bradley Mongold on bagging a Rocky Mtn Bighorn Sheep ewe in Colorado.

This is an arduous hunt even with a rifle, but to successfully take one with a bow is quite impressive. Of course this is merely child's play to the guy that shot two caribou, a moose, and a sitka blacktail deer with his bow last year alone (I'm sure I've left a few species out as well).

Nice job Mongold!


  1. whoa! BAAAAAAH is right!!

  2. i see you have found a way to fish out the verminous lurkers on this most excellent blog -- post up their picture and they have no choice but to comment.

    trips like this would not be possible without the support of my friends (like Adam) and the efforts of other hunters and conservationists to put sheep back on the Mountain.

    if anyone is wondering what the Great Hunt and ultrarunning have in common, i'd urge you to come out on the tundra with me and meet the caribou. when you see them, i promise you will want to join in their dance. you will soon learn that they are fast and tireless dancers -- you must run fast and far to join them.

    thank you Casseday for the kind words.

  3. Bradley, Congratulations on another fine hunt. it has been too long since Tammy and I last saw you. Hopefully we will see you soon. Rick

  4. Mongold,
    I know many folks don't quite understand hunting. When you are raised like you and I were, it is ingrained into you. I too see many similarities between the hunt and ultrarunning; both in a primal notion and the obvious in the simple enjoyment of the outdoors.
    Time to sharpen those arrows for a Muskox!
    - Adam