Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cheat Mountain Open!

If you are interested in running 50 miles by the light of the night, be sure to sign up for Cheat Mountain! I hear the RD is quite a guy......


  1. Adam, a little modesty here please. Afterall this a public blog. For those of you who have not run Cheat Mountain, then you need to. It is another wonderful West Virginia run. Adam, Kadra and all of their volunteers cater to you in every way. There are no details left unchecked. For example, if there is not enough mud on the course, then they will get out there with water and make some. Just ask Doug Blackford about last year. He slid off a muddy bank and if I was not there to save him, he might still be there. Afterall what are friends for (a little modesty of my own). My application went in the mail yesterday (opening day). I am already looking forward to August!

  2. NICE!!! Rick, you need to make Beth run this one. :o) it definitely looks fun!! I need a few more ultras under my belt, but maybe I can run this one 2011! :o)

    Cheers adam!! and I hope your race fills quickly!!


  3. Rick,
    You are officially the CMMM 50M PR-man. Now talk Jenny into making the trip with you to run the race and I'll give you a hefty percentage of my RD salary (fyi: 50% x $0= $0)

  4. Jenny, Do you realize how many ultras you will have under your belt when August comes along. Cheat Mountian is your best race to get your first 50 miler. You had your first 50k in WV in 2010. You could have your first 50 miler in WV in 2010. If you sign up (which you should) for Dan's Highland Sky, you could have your first 40 miler in WV in 2010. With all of this, WV will adopt you. In all seriousness, Cheat Mountain is your best place for your first 50 miler. No where else will you get that warm fuzzy family feeling in a 50 miler that Adam and Kadra pour out to us trail runners. Don't put this off until 2011. Go for it girl!

    Adam, Cheat Mountain is easy to talk about and when you believe in something you want to talk about it. I will be happy to only take a percentage of your RD salary, but I think I deserve 60% and not 50%!!!

  5. A couple of items that I left out of my previous comment. I will continue to work on Beth and I think she is getting closer to coming under the Cheat Mountain spell or maybe Adam's magic. I am not really sure, but Adam, if I do get Beth to come up with me, I can guarantee you one thing. Beth will bring her "magic wand". If you have not seen it, it is amazing. I think she bought it at the dollar store. When she taps your head to put you under her magic spell (mine is always good), the magic wand makes a nice little noise.

    Last year I met Doug and Dennis at Cracker Barrel in Abingdon to travel up in the family van to Beverly. Funny how Beth lives in Abingdon and Jenny is only about 10 miles away. You know the family van holds a good many folks. As an added bonus, Adam even has hot showers available at the start/finish so that we can travel back home in the family van smelling all clean and fresh. Now how can two ladies pass up all of this fun???

  6. Rick,
    After the last two comments it's a done deal, you get 60%.
    Now make it stop snowing and you can have 100%!

  7. Everyone is wanting it to stop snowing. I will have to call upon Beth and her magic wand to help in the snow issue. Just to make you a little envious, in Johnson City we can now see grass and the sidewalks are clear. Tammy and I are heading up sometime this weekend to Mount Mitchell / Black Mountain to check out the course. I can guarantee you that we will be back in the snow.