Sunday, March 7, 2010

Catawba Run Around

It was great to finally run some trails partially clear of snow for the first time this year. The remaining snow made it pretty tough. It took me nearly 11 hours to cover only 35 miles, but WOW it was worth it! The images say it all; a great day in the mountains.

McAfee Knob

Tinkers Cliffs

View of McAfee from Tinkers (Where we were)

North Mountain

Climbing up to Dragon's Tooth on the AT

Dragon's Tooth
The rest of the pictures HERE on Flickr.


  1. Looks like a great day out with friends. Glad to hear you at least had some moments where your feet were pushing off of real dirt and rocks. Rest up. I could tell by the times that the going was very tough.

  2. I hope you had a good weekend running as well Rick. Hopefully you and Tammy got your St. Patty's Run outfits coordinated.

  3. Awesome pics. Where is this?

  4. Can't tell ya, I'd have to kill ya. . . Nah it's near Roanoke on the AT.

  5. Yes, Tammy and I had a great weekend (she might not think so). Saturday mid day we spent a couple of hours in a wilderness area in Unicoi County, TN (AT area) called Rocky Fork. This area is composed of old fire roads. It normally reminds me of the grassy roads of Hellgate, Terrapin and Promise Land, but on Saturday guess what. They were covered in 6 or 7 inches of the white stuff. Sunday afternoon after church, we headed to Damascus, VA to run with some of the IMTR's. Guess what more snow. It has been in the 60's today, so hopefully the snow is MELTING! We have been working on our outfits for our St. Patty's Day run. I am sure we will win best dressed couple, as the other couples will not be there this weekend. Everyone else is single, so we will win hands down. Just remember, think GREEN!

  6. Awesome pictures, adam! that whole area there around Roanoke is great ( peaks of otter and dragon's tooth etc)

    I registered for Cheat Mtn!! Frozen sasquatch was my first 50k, and now Cheat is going to be my first 50mi!! YAY!!! very excited! it looks like it's going to be challenging and very fun!!

    take care!


  7. Great Jenny! You're going to have a great time in the mountains of WV. . . again.

  8. yeah, I just had figured out who you are actually( rick helped me out at our last group run) -- even though you were at FS 50k..
    I won overall @ the 17 mile version of iron mtn trail run and I ran with you some at the beginning of your iron mtn 50 last year. I just remember you asking me if I was running the 50 too, and that idea of that distance seemed SO EXTREMELY CRAZY to me!! i thought" I'll never run a 50!!"
    completely mind blowing that here less than a year later I'm going to be embarking upon that very distance-- and it's your race! hilarious!

  9. And everyone wonders why we love our sport/past time so much!

  10. @Jenn- Yes, it's a small world in this ultrarunning communtiy. You probably say that 100 miles is crazy now. . . but I bet you decide to run one of those too! Crazy how quickly perceptions change.