Monday, March 29, 2010

Trilogy Recon

It was a great day to be alive in the mountains this past Saturday. Dan and I were up on Spruce Mountain to do scouting for some possible course reroutes and we had to get in some extra miles on the sweet trails up there. It was nice to see that winter wasn't quite as harsh to the trails as it was to us and all the wildlife.

Here are a couple of pics and a video from the day.
(Dan posing with a fresh presumed coyote kill)
(Turkey carcass- most likely a casualty of the winter snow pack)

(Running down the nice single track of the Elza Trail)


  1. Dan is the man...chasing down his prey and killing it with his hands. That's impressive but Adam you could have at least helped instead of taking pictures. On serious note I hope things are going well with the planning.

  2. Jeremy,
    He was hungry and was chowing down! I thought I'd lose a finger if I got too close. That guys is an animal!
    Planning is going well for the Trilogy. Looking forward to it.
    Congrats on a great run and shared win at Terrapin. Not bad for just a "training run". Looking forward to PL.

  3. I miss you guys! I'm thinking of signing up for the Trilogy-the whole thing, of course!!

  4. Kim,
    It has been way too long! Awesome that you're thinking of doing the Trilogy. . . I would expect nothing less of you than to do the whole shebang. Get back over here in the mountains of WV real soon.

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