Thursday, April 15, 2010


My ugly right knee

It has been over two weeks now since I've been able to run. I am very frustrated at this point. Frustrated for a stupid fall on the trail to get injured and frustrated that when I can't run, my life is so deeply and pervasively affected by my lack of running.

I've never had an acute injury cause so much trouble. There have been more falls and injuries caused by my clumsiness than I can count over the years, but I have been lucky that none of them have been this bad. I thought this one would be just the same as the others- maybe just a hair worse- but I'm left with deep lingering patellar tendinitis and crepitus in the area of the original contusion that doesn't seem to be wanting to release its grip anytime soon.

I had plans of running the Babcock Half Marathon this weekend. That is most certainly not happening and Promise Land next weekend is very unlikely at this point. I was really looking forward to PL and seeing all the folks there. We'll see what happens. If this does not get better soon then my whole spring plans may be in jeopardy. I am at the mercy of a small piece of fibrous tissue that connects my muscle to bone.

Injuries caused from stupidity in training volume or other reasons I can deal with, but this one has me more aggravated than ever. Watching hard earned fitness go down the tubes is always hard, but made even harder after suffering through a tough winter only to miss out on the most mild and beautiful spring that I can remember.

No more whining- not looking for sympathy-just needed to vent somewhere.


  1. Hang in there dude. I hurt my ITB bad, after my first ultra (over training) and was off running for about two months. Ugh. It was awful-I had just discovered trails and ultras-and then was hurt!
    Anyways,know your pain

  2. Adam, sorry to hear about this. But I believe great wisdom will come of it. Get better soon!

  3. Adam, I certainly do not like what I am hearing and I know you do not like discussing it. My prayers are with you as I know this is beginning to wear on your non-patient mind. Running is a big part of you and this bump in the road will soon pass. Stress and worry have a big impact on our bodies, which in turn affects the healing process. I know it is easier said than done, but please do your very best to relax and take this down time in stride. Spend more time with Kadra and go fishing. Take Kadra out in the woods and lay down in the warm grass while she sketches a beautiful scene. This is not an easy time, but if you can just give your body a little more time, you will be healed and ready to go. Be patient, my un-patient friend. Vent all you need on your blog. Your readers have no problem in reading your venting episodes, so bring it on!

  4. hang in there, adam! if you can bike or do anything to get you some endorphins-- GO FOR IT! :oP I know how hard that can be to not have those!:o)
    I'm over here sending positive thoughts your way that there is nothing seriously wrong with your knee and you are back running very soon!


  5. Thanks for all the positive comments. Injuries are something all of us runners go through; it's just a question of when and how bad. I guess there is never a good time for an injury and it usually happens when you least want it to. Such is life. Run a few extra this weekend for me!