Monday, April 26, 2010


(Photo: Bradley Mongold; from a Columbia Blacktail deer hunt in N. California)
Life is slowly returning to normal with the addition of a few easy runs this past week. The knee held up o.k., but my sissified body is revolting with unbelievable soreness. I can't believe how much fitness I lost in three weeks. I'm trying to be smart with the return to running, but the pull of Spring is strong.
The realization of the price paid by losing three weeks of training has made me rethink some upcoming runs/races. Old Dominion seems out of the question. I really wanted to run a spring 100M, but it seems illogical at this point. I'm thinking I'll simply ease back into things and run one of the best all around races of the East(maybe the country?), Highlands Sky, here in my backyard. Then what? Don't know, but I'll settle for running anything and anywhere at this point. Maybe I'll plan some solo multi-day stuff for the summer? Plans are a changin'.
I was certainly bummed missing out on Promise Land this past weekend. I love the race, but even more I love the fellowship and camaraderie with everyone there. The ultra community is full of some great folks. I'm sure everyone had a great time out there. I'll be back soon! Huge congrats to Lehmann running a PR in 6:14; good enough for 43rd overall. Very impressive. I think he might be on the juice.


  1. It was great seeing you and Kadra after your run yesterday. Something is just right in the world when that's what you've been doing! I'm sure with as gradual of an approach as you can manage, you'll be back on track before you know it.

  2. We certainly missed you Saturday at Promise Land. You did the right thing by not running. Please come back slowly. We want you healthy. Dan is certainly on the juice. I lost sight of him early on. He said you had mentioned Highland Sky or maybe the correct words are, you asked permission to run instead of helping day of. I know you do alot to help Dan everywhere. I am sure he will give you a break since you have been on the disabled list. If you do run Highland Sky, please knock down some of hte stinging nettles before I get there. So great to have you back!

  3. Don't count out OD100 if you're running pain-free in a week or two. There's a pretty solid history of great runners entering 100 milers on limited training and doing very very well. The old saying applies here: Endurance takes a long time to build up, and even longer to go away. Sure, you might not be in the best shape to win a 50k, but a steadily-paced 100 miles is a different story. I know you'll still do great out there as long as you're mentally ready to take on the distance.

    Either way, glad to hear you've turned the corner and are back at it...there's a long year of great races ahead!

  4. consider:

    Date is unsure as of this point & open to input.

    I'll can put you up in NC.

  5. @Lori: Great seeing you yesterday as well.

    @Rick: Yes, I did ask Lehmann for permission to run Highlands Sky. I'm going to do double duty; run, then relieve the folks at AS8. At least that's the plan now. . . We're doing trail work this weekend, so maybe I'll just use my machete to cut down all the nettles.

    @Dan: Thanks for the advice. I'm not entirely sure what I'll do. I probably lost more mentally in the time off than physically. Although, I've ran(easy and short)the last 5 days and I'm still sore as can be?? Very strange. Consistent training is a huge confidence builder for me and the lack of training makes me really question my fitness. Probably shouldn't be that way, but that's just how I'm unfortunately wired. OD was a goal race to run 100 miles fast/much faster than I have previously. Simply finishing it doesn't motivate me much.

    @Matt: Hmmmmm....looks pretty intriguing. Definitely keep me posted.

  6. Missed seeing you and Kadra @ PL, but I am certainly glad to hear you have been able to get a couple miles in and are taking it smart and easy coming back into things. Beth.