Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pack Alterations

 The original pack: Nathan Proton
*Initial thoughts: Good light pack, but lacked a lumbar strap and the support provided; not enough easy access to fuel and misc.; mild to moderate bounce when full (70oz.).

Added: 1) waist strap from a Camelbak Cloud Walker pack 2) velcro to straps 3) pouches from Nathan 2-bottle belt  

 Finished Product

AT ready and prepared for further testing and tweaking

Testing Update:  After two substantially long runs (5.5 hrs and 9 hrs), the altered pack performed superbly.  The lumbar strap seems to have minimized any of the previous "bounce" of the full hydration pack and greatly added to the functionality.  The pouches made access to gels, food, gloves, etc. far more painless and efficient.  The only negative that I found was a bit of chaffing around the under-arm and waist -- of course it was raining and any pack or clothing will give a few problems in constant rain.  The added bonus of this design is that it should free-up my hands for use of trekking poles from time to time on the Trail and allow me to carry enough fuel for some of the longer sections.  There is always room for improvement, but for now, I think I've found a winner.


  1. Nice work Adam. I didn't know you did alteration. Am I going to get a first hand look at this at CRA?

  2. Very nice. That reminded me of some changes I want to make to my vest.

  3. Jeremy- Yeah, I think I'll give it a whirl at CRA. I tested it for on a 30-mile run last Saturday and it seemed to work great. 70 oz is more water than I'm used to carrying, but it wasn't much of a problem.

    Rick- I'm no Matt. He could build it from scratch . . . I'm a poser for sure! Matt is the man!

    Kim- maybe Nathan will come calling with design requests?

  4. I'm impressed!! see you this weekend at CRA!!

  5. Good work!

    It's all about the mods. Do tell us: how bad is the Springer Fever?!?!

  6. Matt- 9 weeks to go and I wish I could start now. I'm seriously itching to do this!

  7. Always admire people who take it upon themselves to tweak their gear like this!

    I just found your blog recently, Adam, and want to send well wishes your way for your planned adventure this summer. GOOD LUCK!! It's one of--if not THE--best thing I have ever done. Would love to run it w/crew someday.

    Sue J.
    AT '94 (5 mos.)

  8. Sue,
    Thanks for the well wishes. I certainly believe (or hope) that this will be one of my most memorable journeys in life. Now if I could just come up with a trail name as cool as Vermonster, then I'd be set!
    Many thanks,