Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RT Weekly Recap


  1. Adam,

    The GPS figured that came back from HAT showed 3,000+ of climb---no way near the 9,000 reported, FYI.

  2. Wow, that's way off! I thought that seemed pretty stout for a 50K in MD. That's what I get for trusting a race site :) (http://www.hatrun.com/course.htm)

  3. It says "nearly" 9,800 feet of climbing. I guess, relatively speaking, 3,000 is "nearly" 9,800 -- just depends on your perspective I suppose.

  4. A bit late jumping in here, but C2M was NOT cancelled in 2010. If you do some digging through the website, you will find some "results."

    Amazingly this year's weather was worse than 2010's, and Chris had to make the disappointing decision to cancel.

    Our local newspaper expressed interest in doing an article on this year's nonrace. The end result is here, complete with video:


    Sue Johnston
    C2M Chief Lackey

  5. Sue:
    I'm very sorry for that inaccuracy. You guys have had some horrible luck with the weather. I hope '12 is much kinder to the runners and volunteers. I'd like to come out to CA and share in the fun one of these years.

    Very nice article and video coverage of the race!