Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Lessons in Adversity

Clay Warner-L, Me-R (photo: Dan Lehmann)

This past weekend, I was hoping for one last big training weekend.  What I got was snow, and lots of it.  My plan was to get in around 90-miles over three days.  What happened was more like 65.  Friday's run was with my friend John and made tougher by 3-4" of fresh snow -- totally doable though.  Saturday was down right miserable up on Dolly Sods.  Cutting it short was the only option. 

Roaring Plains Tr. (photo: Michelle Price)

In the misery, was some striking beauty.  I'd never seen Flatrock and Roaring Plains draped in such splendor.  12-16" of snow is beautiful, but it turned the planned run into an overglorified hike and downright dangerous due to some missed turns.  Getting everyone from the Highlands Trainer off of the mountain safely was the only concern in everyone's mind.  We had a good time despite the conditions with the whole crew of 20 sticking together. 

Tired of snow, I opted for a moderate run on the railtrail from Parsons on Sunday.  It was crazy that there was only snow in spots in that area, just a few miles from where we all were the day before.

With just 4-weeks to go until I start the AT, I'm starting to realize that the hay is nearly in the barn.  My training has not been "exactly" what I hoped, but it's been solid nonetheless.  I've never had a training cycle go perfectly.  I'm counting on 8-years of ultra experience being my true strength.  My living room has been taken over with sleeping pads, mats, shoes, gels, stoves, and a bunch of other gear.  4-weeks to go and I can hardly contain myself . . . or all the supplies!


  1. :o) exciting!!! wow! I can't believe you guys got all that snow at the HS training run! wait a minute.. oh, yes I can! :o) I'm a little tired of snow too! ready for some more seasonal weather!

    so happy for you as you tie up all the loose ends and begin your run on the AT!!

  2. I'm glad to hear that someone else is tired of snow. I whine about the snow all winter, so when it's spring, I like it to be SPRING!

  3. Awesome snow pics. Can't hardly believe all that snow, then nothing below.
    I'm running a 50K in PA on Sat-temps in the 60's, then a 50K in Ohio on Sunday,temps in the 70's! Talk about NOT being acclimated!

  4. You tell Dan that if that snow is still there in June, I am never coming back to run Highlands Sky. That is crazy, but what a glorious run. Sounds like you all did the right thing and stayed together to be sure everyone got out. I bet that place looks so different in the snow. Enjoy the rest of your AT training as I think you will be training every day of your adventure.

  5. Rick - I'm pretty sure Lehmann will have the snow off of the weather order. It will most likely be traded for extreme heat and humidity.

  6. Adam, don't worry about the training. You'll get in peak shape... ON the AT! :)