Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring is Finally Here!

What a difference a week made in the Highlands of WV! On Saturday I got to run on some of my favorite trails around at the Spruce Knob National Recreation Area -- same trails that the Trilogy uses. It was a beautiful day to be in the mountains witnessing the splendor of spring while running some snow-free trails . . . finally.  Enjoy a bit of a photo dump from the day.

Ramps were abundant

North Prong Trail

Judy Springs

Good Water
Judy Springs Trail
I'd never noticed this plane wreckage (below) before and I'm not entirely sure of the history.  I believe it is from the 70's, but the trail guide book places it on the Huckleberry Trail.  I spotted this through the trees on Lumberjack, close to the High Meadows Tr. junction, and walked about a 100 yards down the bank to further inspect it.  Pretty wild site and admittedly a little creepy.

Notice the crosses in the foreground

Wreckage strewn about for several hundred yards

Plane Window

View North from High Meadow

Seneca Falls
Wet shoes and socks and a mess of ramps


  1. Looks like spring has arived in West Virginia. Clark and Jeremy need to steal your picture of the water bottle in the creek. Great advertisement.

  2. Which smells more, the ramps or the shoes/socks?

  3. the ramps! I bet!! great pictures! plane crash site: very sad and creepy-- it's so random somethings you see on the trail sometimes!

    glad you got some good runs in this weekend! see you soon!

  4. Rick- yes, that was some inadvertent advertising, but worthy nonetheless.

    Lori- It's a toss-up?

    Jenny- See you at PL in less than two weeks. Time is flyin'!

  5. Ramps! I love ramps! I've been out and about here trying to spot some (mainly so I can add some to my yard to try and start here).
    I need to get registered for the Trilogy. Seeing that Judy Springs Trail just reminded me how beautiful it is there.

  6. Kim- This time of year there are people selling ramps along the roads everywhere you look. You've got to eat them for ammunition, or else suffer the fate of smelling them on everyone else.

    Glad you signed up for the Trilogy! It certainly was and will be a special week on the mountain.