Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 13 and 14

Quick update here.

 Day 13- Carvers Gap to Walnut Mtn Rd (FR 50) - 27 miles . . . felt good and the temperature was cool after a rainy morning -- decided to do more than the aforementioned 15-mile day.

Day 14- Walnut Mtn Rd to Wilbur Dam Rd. - 28 miles.  Another cold and rainy day.  The wet tent camping is getting old!

. . . planning on a bigger day tomorrow (38-miles) and making into Damascus and the great state of Virginia!


Beginning with the three trees (Day 1 and Day 9)...
here are a few pictures from the "road crew"
Neels Gap Shoe Tree
Max's Patch bald
Fog rising from the valley on road to Carver's Gap

Carver's Gap trail headed North

Laurel Fork Falls just off trail at Dennis Cove


  1. Loving the updates...keep it rolling Adam! Wishing you the best on the adventure from Minnesota.

  2. Great meeting you and your wife today. This is an AWESOME endeavor you are undertaking. Good Luck and be Safe!

    Paul (aka "CRUNCH" on the A.T.)

  3. Fun Fun Fun! Have fun out there Adam! And Kadra!

  4. This is better than any reality TV show! I'm so glad we get to follow you through your journey! Thinking of you and Kadra along the way!! Love ya~

  5. Adam, Continuing to follow you and Kadra. Saw Bradley this past weekend at MMT. He was working Kim hard and it paid off as she ran great. Prayers are with you both. Rick

  6. Your friends here at Tucker Community Foundation are cheering you on. Stay sound. Stay upright. Diane

  7. Run, Adam, run!!! Cheering you on daily through this awesome adventure. Sending sunny skies and moderate temps your way...To think you started running again around elkins park between lectures at school!!