Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 22

Quick update:  Finished Day 22 - Catawba to USFS 191 (34 miles).  It was a beautiful day at McAfees Knob.  Kadra ran in with me and we had a good time goofing off there for a while.  Things were going good until the last section.  Tried to run 3-miles w/out my pack out of Daleville, but missed Kadra at the spot and had another 6-miles unaided.  9-miles w/out water or food at the end is not good, but on top of that Kadra had some navigational issues and I sat on the side of the Blue Ridge Parkway for an extra hour.  Good lesson in suffering and patience.

We're at the Trittipoe residence tonight and looking forward to a good day tomorrow .

I tried to post comments to Sophie and Keith, but Blogger seemed to have other ideas -- looking forward to running with you guys.  Bring friends! . . . warning. . .these miles are SLOW!


  1. Adam---will you be running Three Ridges to Afton/Wayneboro on Monday? That is what the schedule you sent me says, but it seems from your posts that you are a day ahead? Please confirm as we have folks who want to come see you!

    If you are a day ahead, that means you will be running the first section in the SNP to Loft Mountain on Monday. We could start out with you---just let me know what time you plan to start.

    Happy Trails!

  2. Adam!

    Keep it rolling, bro!!! And make sure to let Sophie know what's up with your schedule so she can rally the troops. BTW, I am one of those troops! Really hoping to get to put some miles in with you!


  3. Loved having your guys here. Just wish I could have been out there with you. This work just gets in the way!

    Run long. Run strong.