Monday, August 29, 2011

CMMM 2011

Photo: Dan Lehmann (Aid-Station#3)

Another Cheat Mountain is in the books!  We were treated to very good weather considering what the rest of the east coast was dealing with.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and runners.  Full results, pics, and stories can be found HERE.

Next year the date of the race will be August 24-25.  Mark your calendars now!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Streaking Video

No . . . not that kind of streaking.  This guy has not missed a day of running in 43 years!

Very cool video.  I hope someday when I have kids they can say, "I've never known my dad to not get up and run."

Monday, August 15, 2011

Inter-Mountain Article

There was a nice article in our hometown newspaper this weekend about our AT-adventure.  Some of the quotes were a bit mysterious, especially the one about missing junk food (actually quite the contrary), but all-in-all a very good article.  You can check it out HERE.

It has been amazing to me just how many folks back home followed along with our journey and were actually very interested in and inspired by the endeavor.  The best story I've heard though was over the weekend.  A lady that teaches with Kadra came up to me in the park and introduced her daughter to me and told me that her 5th-grader was inspired to start running because of hearing about me running the AT.  She has done numerous 5K's in the past months (a PR of 26-minutes) and LOVES running . . . that my friends warmed my heart like you would not believe.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nathan HPL#20 Review

I can't say enough good things about the HPL#20 pack from Nathan Sports -- the pack I used every day on the AT.  It was somewhat of a last minute purchase before starting the Trail and I planned to use it as a secondary or even tertiary pack behind my normal 2-bottle waist pack and my enhanced Proton pack.  I'm not sure why I had not tried this pack earlier, but once I put it on Day1 I felt no need to use any other. 

Key features that make it a great pack:
  1. Very stable ride -- even with a full load of 70 oz.
  2. Tons of room up front for food and etc. and space in the back for extras (ie. headlamp, emergency bivy, and other miscellaneos things).  I carried enough calories in the pack for numerous 30+ mile sections.
  3. The shock cord is great to put a water bottle to fill-up out of streams/springs or for a rain jacket.
  4. The eating factor.  I've had stomach issues in races that I've attributed to the constriction of my stomach area from the waist belt.  I didn't have any stomach issues while running (albeit much slower than normal) with the pack. 
In New Hampshire the zipper to the section for the bladder broke.  We tried several means of repair, but ended up suffering along with safety-pins over the last 300+ miles.  When I got home, I called Nathan about the pack to inquire if this would be covered under their warranty.  They said to send it to them and they'd check it out . . . well yesterday I got a brand spankin' new pack from them.  How's that for customer service?

I just thought I'd share my thoughts on a good piece of gear for those of you out there that might be in the market for a new pack or hydration system.  (This is unsolicited and I have received no products other than the warrantied pack from Nathan.)  There is a reason the majority of the folks you see running ultras are wearing this very pack!  I just ordered myself the HPL#008 from for races.