Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Balance Leadville 1210

I'm loving these shoes.  Great review at IRF:

Catching Up . . . Again

Since November, I've been plagued by injury and apathy.  I've battled achilles issues intermittently over the past two years thanks to a bony deformation of my left heel (Haglund Def.) which flares-up and gives me nice cases of bursitis and insertional tedinitis from time to time.  The likely cause of my most recent case was by ramping up my mileage too quickly post MMTR -- I likely stressed the tissue too much.  Regardless, the achilles won-out for about 3-months of the WV winter.  The doldrums brought depression and doubt to my love for running.

As spring came, so with it did my desire to train and become "un-injured".  The achilles still hurts, but I've learned that running in proper shoes with a graciously cushioned heel counter, the injury is not worsened by running.  I'm glad to not let a few centimeters of bone and tissue rob me of my joy!

I had the pleasure of pacing Dan Lehmann to a successful finish at MMT last weekend.  It was enough to whet my appetite for adventure and racing.  I'm hopeful that I can balance the stresses of training (along with work, fatherhood, etc) and get in a few good races this summer and fall.  Balance, balance, balance . . . never has a word carried so much meaning as it does now at this juncture of life.

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