Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Review

2016 WV Trilogy finishers

As 2016 comes to a close, I am again filled with gratitude.  I am grateful for every step of the year.  The balance between life and running continues to be hard to maintain -- actually it's getting significantly harder.  With the addition of our second son in September, life has seemed to speed up that much more.

I only ran one ultra in 2016, the Vermont 100.  I ran a couple of shorter races -- the Forest Festival 10K, Helvetia 10K, and the Canary in the Cave 25K++ -- but all-in-all it was a pretty low key year.  Maintaining my co-directing responsibilities at Highlands Sky and the WV Trilogy are valuable commitments that deserve mention.  I really enjoy race directing and all the relationships and pleasure it provides.  I hope I am always able to do this.

Finishing the Canary in the Cave 25K++ with Michael Bee
2016 mileage total was 2,101.  Even though it's yet again one of my lower years, I am still quite happy to have even gotten in that amount.  I hope it can be a springboard me toward more mileage in 2017.  I would like to get around 2,500 if possible.  It's neat to think about hitting 40K miles this year and in a few years 50,000.  Can I make it to 100,000?  That is an ultimate long-term goal for sure.

2002: 651
2003: 2,213
2004: 2,506
2005: 2,667
2006: 3,124
2007: 2,759
2008: 2,812
2009: 3,353
2010: 3,056
2011: 4,523
2012: 2,718
2013: 2,180
2014: 2,375
2015: 2,205
2016: 2,101
Total:  39,243 Miles

Racing Plans for 2017:  Again, the goal and dream of running Western States must wait another year.  No luck in the lottery for the fifth time in a row -- and two other times prior to 2011.  I know it is not the be-all and end-all of races, but it has been a dream every since I watched the film Running Madness back in '02/'03.

I still find great satisfaction and motivation in training and running 100-mile events.  Oddly enough it's the overall training process that I really love.  I really enjoy the focus and dedication that these events demand.

I am planning on focusing on running Massanutten again in 2017.  I feel like I still have some unfinished business on that course.  It was my first 100-miler in 2008 and continues to be my overall 100-mile PR of 21:37.  I am going to focus on surpassing that mark 9-years later.  I have no idea if it's even possible, but I'm sure going to give it my best.  In preparation for Massanutten, I hope to do the Catawba Run Around route, Haulin' in the Holler 50K, and a double North Fork Mtn Trail.  After MMT, maybe a fast-pack in July and the Iron Mtn 50 in September to round out the year (?).

Happy New Year everyone . . . here's to a healthy, happy, 2017 that is full of adventure!