Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 30 and 31

Kadra's Grandparents on the AT!
These were their first steps ever on the trail at ages 81 and 85

Day 30 (Front Royal, VA to Bear's Den Hostel) -- 34 miles
Ran with Harland Peelle for a few miles, who gave up most of his morning to find me out there on the trail.  Thanks tons Harland!!
We stayed last night at the Bear's Den Hostel after watching a beautiful sunset -- such a cool place.

Day 31 (Bear's Den Hostel to South Mountain Inn) -- 37 miles
Stopped by the ATC and got my picture taken -- see below.  The WonderBoy Paul Davis met us later and we had a great run up to South Mountain.  The biggest surprise of the last two days came when Grandpa Vernon and Grandma Ginny met us to celebrate Kadra's birthday (a few days early) with a special celebration at the Inn.  The rest of us rednecks ate Sloppy Joes, Coca-Cola cake, and Ben & Jerry's back at the Davis' homeplace in Shepherdstown and had a great visit with many outstanding people including Bradley Mongold and his patient girlfriend, Jill.


  1. We go to Old South Mountain Inn every year with my folks to celebrate my sister and mine's birthdays! Such a wonderful place. Happy early birthday Kadra!!!

  2. Oh and very, very cool about the grandparents. Actually not just cool, but pretty darn awesome :)

  3. Kadra, Happy belated birthday. So glad you and Adam are young so that you can enjoy this wonderful adventure you two are taking! You are so blessed to have wonderful grandparents who will come out and give moral support to you and Adam. Life is so special and you have two wonderful people who have taught you will.

    Adam, you look great in the pictures, so continue on my friend.

  4. I was hopping for more updates but seeing how a speed hiker was attacked in VA on May 23rd. It might be a good thing. Stay safe.