Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 53

Quick info update: 33 Miles - Manchester Center, VT to North Carendon, VT

Another rainy day, but the sun did come out for about an hour.  Better trail conditions on this section.  Not much wildlife today, but I think I may have seen a marten (see pic) early this morning.  Hanging tough, but tired of the Long Trail mud.  Tomorrow we'll peel-off from the LT and hopefully its shoe-sucking mud as well.  Bring on some sunshine!??


  1. Adam,

    Good work so far. You're amazing!

    I remember the LT bogging me down in '07. Looking back, it was the mental crux of my hike, so I believe there are sunnier days ahead for you my friend.

    Soak it up!

  2. If you took that photo it is amazing. Keep up the hard work but take time for a breather too. I love you two.

  3. What an interesting looking animal. Don't know how they act towards humans, but you just want to pick it up like a cat. Keep on heading north as sunny days and less mud are awaiting you both.