Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 42

Back on the itinerary and went 34 miles.  Good to get the mileage back to where it needs to be after a few days of "healing".  My shin continues to be problematic and is slowing me down, but I'm still heading north.  Rough day with rain most of the afternoon -- just enough to make the rocks that much more treacherous.  I was impressed  by the beauty of New Jersey.  Had some great views and saw two bears today.  The pic below was taken by Kadra on the 11-mile section that she ran with me.  The bear was within 20 yards and made no attempt to move and was totally unimpressed by me banging my poles together.  Kadra thought it was cool.  I'm glad we got to share the experience.  Half-way done with NJ and looking forward to coming close to the NY line by the end of tomorrow!

Blueberry Bush Bear

Rocksylvania pic

Good Riddance!


  1. Great stuff Adam & Kadra! I've not seen a bear yet this spring. Glad to hear you're still making progress. Hope your shin keeps gradually improving!

  2. It looked like such a sweet bear. Glad you and Kadra were able to have that experience together. Nasty looking rocks by the way. I forgot to mention yesterday that I love the bag of ice on your head. That picture is suitable for framing!