Friday, September 9, 2011

The Transcontinental Project

The Transcontinental Boys in action
Last night, Kadra and I had the pleasure of hosting two young men that have embarked on a trans-continental journey.  These two recent Adelphi University (NY) graduates started at Jones Beach, New York on 8/20 and plan to run to Huntington Beach, California . . . a journey of over 3,000 miles over the next three months. 

The duo is made up of Adam Clark of Wantagh, NY and Jeffrey Perez of East Elmhurst, NY.  The runners are accompanied by two crew members, James Eastman and Ian Leavitt - in a very small car (see pics below).

We found out about the guys passing through our area by complete chance.  They ended up randomly asking to crash at the pavilion at our church (which was along their route) and our pastor was nice enough to let them stay in the church Youth Center.  He got them in touch with me and I made arrangements for them to spend the next evening with us.

These are some very inspirational young men.  Neither Adam or Jeff had ever done a training run over 20-miles before setting this audacious goal.  They are doing well though - learning many lessons along the way - and are over 550 miles along now.  Check out their website:  If they're coming your way, send them a note and help them out or consider donating to either of their worthwhile charities.


  1. What an adventure. I know they were truly amazed to have the chance meeting with you and Kadra and then to be welcomed into your house. I imagine you all talked for hours concerning each group's stories.

  2. Yes. It was very cool and we enjoyed being able to pass along some "trail magic" to these guys.