Sunday, October 28, 2012

Catching Up

Since my last post in July, life has certainly changed.  Boy is that an understatement!  On August, 8 we welcomed Vernon Roy Casseday into our lives.

Life has changed for the good -- in so many ways. 
Finding time to train has been difficult and interesting to say the least.  I've gotten in many sleep deprived runs.  I decided to run Mountain Masochist in the spring as a means of staying motivated to train as a new father.  I'm really glad that I've had this goal because it could have been really easy to slip into a lazy mode of just playing with Vernon every chance I had.
So next weekend will be the litmus test of fatherhood.  I've done far less mileage than in the past, but I filled the gap with quality.  I think being a daddy made me faster . . .


  1. Well it's about time! Best of luck at Masochist and the new(?) trail start area!!
    Now you have to write a race report next week!

  2. Love the pics of your son. Hope you have a blast at Masochist. I bet the magic of Muscle Memory will take you further than you think.

  3. Congratulations, Adam, and welcome to the running dads’ club! I think I can relate to what you are feeling – I didn’t really appreciate running until it became difficult to schedule. Good luck at the MMTR!

  4. Good luck at MMTR! I didn't mind my 5 month break from running when Sammy arrived...but the transition back into shape sure was all kinds of painful! I think your plan is a solid one, and once Vern turns 6 months or so, he can ride with you on all kinds of fun training'll be back to high mileage in no time!