Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Days 32 to 35

Self Portrait at the Half-Way Point - All down hill from here! . . . right.

Great seeing my friend Briana and her beautiful girls

Oscar trying his hand at the Subaru

The Offending Shin


  1. It was great running with you on Saturday and getting to catch up with Kadra a bit. Megan and I are sending positive healing energy to your shin!! Happy Birthday Kadra - have a great day tomorrow. We'll be keeping you both in our thoughts. -- Michelle

  2. Kadra, Most importantly I want to wish you a wonderful birthday today. This is your day and despite Adam's issue, at least there is an upside to this in that you two will be able to spend some time together.

    Adam, Keep your great attitude and don't let this get you too down. It is awful that your friend has reared his ugly head so deep into your adventure, but I know you are going to make the best of it. My prayers will be that you will be able to heal enough to manage the pain. Remember that slow moving is better than no moving as you move towards your goal. Congratulations are certainly in order for reaching the half way point. I am so proud of you and Kadra. My prayers follow you my friend.

  3. Adam!

    Keep your chin up, big dawg. I'm sending you all the healing powers I can muster. Hope you and Kadra had a lovely day together, and that the tendonitis is gone for good now.

  4. Dude, you can grow a nice beard! Wish I could meet up but my work schedule is a bit heavy right now. Pushthrough (yeah that is one word).