Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 7

Day 8

This is Gobbler's wife updating in a church parking lot as I await the approach of my turkey calling husband in Erwin.  We're now on Day 10 and all is going well.   We'll do another update tonight as we are staying with my college roommate and her husband near Erwin. 


  1. Adam,

    Thanks so much for these video updates. I know you're having fun doing what many of us wish we were doing alongside you!

    Just FYI since I've been following both you and nature boy's attempt: He started 4 AM the day before you and is almost to Damascus.

    I agree fully with how amazing these supported attempts of the trail are. Nature boy is going for the self-supported record and seems to be well ahead of the 60 day schedule close to 1/4 of the way. In fact, he's currently ahead of AT's supported record. Unreal.

    Keep up the good work yourself. What you're doing is amazing as well!

  2. Matt,

    Thanks for the info on NatureBoy. I've been hearing about him since I started the trail. Looks like he is seriously legit. Too bad I'm not going to get to meet him.

  3. Adam, Stay healthy and strong, the trail is long and you never know, you may pass him further down the line...

  4. DanT here. Stay strong and enjoy the journey. Same goes for Kadra.

  5. Nice updates, Adam. I like it when you ramble. that's gotta be much what it's like being inside your head all day on the trail -- rambling. don't apologize, just keep it up. If you're up for it, i think you should do the video someday from when you just get to your finishing point. It would be great to see some scenery, and you with your trail face from the day.