Monday, May 16, 2011

Days 9 - 11

Update for Days 9 - 11:  ending at Carvers Gap

We're a little "off" of the itinerary, but Adam is moving well.  We're glad to be able to do a post at good ole' McDonald's on our way to meet him.  Day 13 is going well so far - started around 8:00 with breezes, rain, and temps in the low 50's to wake Adam up.

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  1. Adam & Kadra, I've been following your progress. I hang on every word you speak of the trail. Currently, I'm reading a book about Henry Stanley's "Last Expedition" through darkess Africa...there are some similarities.(Watch out for cannibals) Remember the Scottish proverb" Set a stout heart for a steep hillside". MThorne